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Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

Sales Tip #10: Pricing Correctly

Engage Better Prescott Homes to produce a valuation on your home, then reduce the asking price by fifteen to twenty percent. You'll be inundated by buyers with multiple bids, even within a buyer's market, and you're likely to achieve a sales price greater than the actual valuation. This may seem like a risky strategy, but sellers have to realize that an asking price doesn't dictate what the selling price will be, it's the market which ultimately decides on the closing value. When the public perceives a home to be a great deal, competition can quickly turn into a bidding war. "Tickle-Me Elmo," anyone?

Sales Tip #9: Closets & Their Available Space

Every buyer wants to have an ample supply of storage space. Take at least half of your belongings out of the storage areas and neatly organize what remains. All buyers will open cabinets and drawers to imaging how their own belongings will fit into your space. The more "extra" space they see in common storage areas, the more likely they are to imagine that their own belongings will fit.

Sales Tip #8: Maximize Lighting

Correct lighting in a home suggests a feeling of modernness and open space. It brightens the mood and makes buyers feel that the living space has been well thought out and will serve a functional purpose. Pull back or remove heavy drapes, clean all windows, change lampshades if needed, increase the wattage of light bulbs where possible and trim back outdoor bushes to let in plenty of sunshine. For areas that are "over bright" and very spacious, add fake foliage to help dampen the glare and fill up space with a hint of nature. In the end, making your home "bright and cheery" will make it considerably more sellable.

Sales Tip #7: Know Your Agents

Better Prescott Homes not only keeps close tabs on the local markets (giving you an edge over the competition), we know how to properly market your home. 90% of all home buyers will see your home through an online source first over all other introductions. For this reason, we place great emphasis on high-end photography and will showcase your property in a manner that exceeds the "status quo" in presentation, making potential buyers enthusiastic to see your home first before all other listings.

Sales Tip #6: Remove Traces of Pets

Traditionally, pets are a "human's best friend". That is, until a potential buyer walks into your home! Sellers need to recognize that not everyone is a dog or cat lover and most buyers do not want to see that a pet has been in their potential living space. Between allergies and the overall suggestion of uncleanliness, making it obvious that a pet resides in your home can kill a sale. Rodent-type pets (such as guinea pigs) are notorious for putting off a potential buyer who has allergies. Remembering that the sale of your home hinges on making a good first impression, it is imperative that any traces of pets be removed prior to a showing or an open house.

Sales Tip #5: Don't Go Overboard On Upgrades

A list of smaller items to be fixed generally pays off better than an entire "home makeover". Before attempting to implement a major overhaul of your home, it is important to recognize that your dollar will go much further by focusing on smaller investments first. New interior paint, replacing window treatments, cleaning light switches, adjusting and cleaning cabinet hardware, fixing any plumbing leaks and cleaning tile grout will go a LONG ways toward attracting potential buyers for your home. These items may run between $500 to $1,000 but pale in comparison to a $15,000 kitchen overhaul. Clean homes that have an appearance of frequent maintenance will sell quickly, without having to sink a heavy investment into a home that you want to sell!

Sales Tip #4: Remove Personalization

One of the single-most mistakes that sellers do is to retain their personalized atmosphere while on the market. This is not the mistake of the homeowner, it is the mistake of the agent for not educating their seller on what needs to be done to market their home. To sell your home quickly and for the highest value, you have to transform your property from a personalized living space to that of a "model home". This means creating a generic (but staged) environment. Why is this important? Because the majority of home buyers are not decorators and cannot envision themselves in your living space if it suggests that someone else occupies it! This is an important factor when selling your home, and management of the Better Prescott Homes Group is acutely aware of what needs to be done to showcase your home properly. Once you make the switch from "homeowner" to "homeseller", it is of utmost importance to capitalize on what needs to be done to actually sell your property. We will help you in this regard, suggesting alterations of home decor where needed.

Sales Tip #3: Your Kitchen is PRIMARY Above All Else

Food is the one factor that will never outlive its usefulness. EVERYONE is drawn to the kitchen, whether they cook or not. This is NOT the place to skimp on improvements. Investing a few thousand dollars into granite countertops can easily offset a buyer's request to reduce your asking price by $10,000 because your kitchen is outdated. Kitchens are endless - there is a vast quantity of options to make your culinary space whatever you want it to be. Adding some simple hardware upgrades and paint can make a kitchen "pop" for the right buyer. If you have a high-end home, investing in layered granite and high-end "Bosch" appliances may make the difference between a sale and a stagnant listing duration. Do yourself a favor - take the time to look critically at your kitchen. It might just be the key element in getting your home sold.

Sales Tip #2: Showing Availability

The managers at Better Prescott Homes know this to be true: Your home needs to be "ready to show" at all times. Many agents have to schedule showings at the last minute (especially for out-of-town buyers who "just happen" to be in town for "today only"), which means that TODAY may be your only chance to snag a buyer. Prescott-area showings are common for out-of-towners who are looking for a home with only a narrow availability of showing times. It is absolutely imperative that a property be ready to show at any time. Keeping your home spotless (kitchen and bathrooms especially) are very important. Have a tenant in your property? This will hamper your ability to sell your property more than you could possibly know. Better Prescott Homes managers will educate you on this aspect of selling a home but it will mean extended duration on the market and loss of sales potential overall. When soliciting a professional listing through Better Prescott Homes, we will help educate you on what the expectations will be for your unique situation. Bottom line? If you want to get your home sold, ensure you can show it within two hours' notice

Sales Tip #1: Making the RIGHT First Impression

The sale of your home starts when a buyer sees the OUTSIDE of your home, before they have even seen the interior. This is your first chance to make the right impression upon a potential buyer. They need to feel a connection to your home; a warm and inviting presence before they even enter the front door. Add some inexpensive shrubs and colorful flowers where possible. The investment you make to your home's entrance will literally be dollar-for-dollar on the sales price. Add a cozy bench, some flower pots, remove weeds from planters... anything that adds to a feeling of a well-kept and inviting living space. Need to stretch the ambience a bit? Bake some cookies in the oven - this is something that EVERY potential buyer will feel a connection with.

For home sellers that need assistance in making their living space presentable to potential buyers but aren't sure where to start, it's no problem at all. We're here to help, and it's what we do for a living! If you are thinking of selling but not sure where to start, send us a message below and we'll be happy to assist you in making your home ready to sell!

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